After months of work and preparation, it is time to finally announce the launch of “Scriptaty”, the largest Arab platform for digital products and services.

Scriptaty platform is not the first of its kind in the field of digital products for sure. However, the platform has been designed to be one of the leading platforms in the field of digital products in the Arabic language. 

In this article, we will learn about the key features that the platform offers which will make it the leading platform for digital products.


Who can use Scriptaty?

Scriptaty is a platform to buy & sell digital products, and non-tactile items like scripts developed by different programming languages such as PHP – and other scripting languages as well. 

In addition to themes like WordPress or Joomla or OpenCart templates and their extensions.

You can also sell logos, prints, video, audio, digital books, and many more digital products.

As mentioned before, Scriptaty is not only a platform for selling digital products, but also for buying them as well. Anyone can Sign Up and choose the products that they’re looking for and easily purchase them. 

Scriptaty is a platform for two kinds of users:

-       Buyers

-       Sellers

The nature of products in Scriptaty

In Scriptaty you can buy and sell digital products, which means that all the products are digital and are non-tactile, such as scripts, applications, E-cards such as PlayStation cards and so on.

Of course, you can also buy and sell e-books too, logos and prints and other digital products.

Is Scriptaty a free platform to use?

Of course, everyone can use Scriptaty by registering for a membership and get to use the account within 10 seconds.

Commission schemes in Scriptaty

In Scriptaty, there is a commission on all sale transactions where 20% being deducted automatically at every sale of a product. 

Selling and Buying

Do you have a digital product you are willing to sell?
Scriptaty is the right place for you; sign up, add your products and start selling right away.

If you are a customer and want to shop, you will find various types and forms of the digital products.
Enjoy safe & simplified shopping.

Product evaluations and their effects on sellers

Whenever a customer buys a digital product, appears an option of leaving an evaluation of the product bought. That means they can leave a review on the product which in turn reflects on the seller’s evaluation collected from the average evaluations on all their products.

How does this affect the seller?
Simply, the higher the score, the better evaluation the seller’s gets, which in turn attracts more customer attention; higher than lower scored sellers.

This also affects the customers and entices them go for the products or sellers with higher evaluation scores and therefore getting quality products from a seller who offers better after-sale services.

Is that it in Scriptaty?

Of course not! There are more benefits and additions that you can find out in time, start browsing Scriptaty.
Register now for free for unlimited advantages.