Have you started selling on Scriptaty.com and want to know about the advantage of the technical support?


Simply put, the support system is mainly ‘customer support’ the seller offers to their customers who buy their digital product, where the first three months of this support are always free if enable this feature when you're adding your products to the platform.


How to use the technical support as a seller?

Simply, you have a script or an app that you want to sell?
All you have to do is offer technical support to your customers to gain better evaluation amongst your competitive sellers.


Imagine that there are a lot of similar products to your own, how would you excel in a competitive arena?
That would be the after-sale service.

We at Scriptaty request sellers to offer after-sale service for 3 months for free if they enable the feature of technical support, but cannot control the quality of the service offered.

However, if provided an exceptional technical support and your customers are helped in solving all of their problems in the script or app or templates you sold, they will definitely leave a positive review which helps grow your popularity at Scriptaty, which will in turn increase in your sales.

Therefore, the free technical support can be a blessing or a curse on sellers, make the free technical support a blessing through achieving many positive reviews while surpassing your competitors, and which makes the competition completely fair.